Adrienne Fletcher Weddings Blog | Maxie B's Cakes

Lemon Almond Buttercream Cake, Hummingbird, Dreamsicle Cake, Caramel Pecan Cake, Mocha Buttercream Cake, Chocolate with Cream Cheese…if those don’t already make your mouth water, the list goes on and on of delicious choices at Maxie B’s local bakery and dessert cafe in Greensboro.


Adrienne Fletcher Weddings Blog | Maxie B's CakesWhat I love about Maxie B’s is that not only are their cakes delicious and made fresh daily but that they also use as many local farm-based ingredients as possible. There’s just nothing fresher than using locally grown ingredients and anyone who has dabbled with cooking can tell you that the reward for using locally grown is always in taste!

Adrienne Fletcher Weddings Blog | Maxie B's Cakes

Lucky for me I was able to stop into the bakery and spend a part of my afternoon with the wonderful Shannon Barbee, their Weddings/Special Events Coordinator (a batch of eggs from a local farm had just arrived fresh that morning). Shannon is warm-hearted and a pleasure to speak with. She is also very knowledgeable on anything wedding and event cake related! Not sure what kind of cake to get for a certain number of people? No worries, Shannon knows exactly what size cake you’ll need and always has helpful suggestions as to what flavor (or flavors) might be best. If you are looking for a personalized wedding cake consultant, she’s your gal for sure!


Adrienne Fletcher Weddings Blog | Maxie B's CakesAside from Shannon, the whole staff at Maxie B’s is quite cheerful and energized. There must be something in their water (or their cakes) because it remained pretty packed in the bakery while I was there and not once did anyone seem stressed or lose their big, friendly smiles or skips in their steps. I think that the inside of the bakery itself must be partially to blame. It’s so hard not to feel cheerful in there with nice big windows, fresh cut flowers, comfy chairs and couches, soft decorated accents and the smell of southern comfort in the air. It’s so bright and inviting. There’s even a little breakfast nook, which is probably my favorite space. I can just imagine how easy it would be to grab a few slices of cake to split between friends and get lost in laughter and good conversation, completely removed from all stresses of life that were left outside the door.


Adrienne Fletcher Weddings Blog | Maxie B's CakesOf course, the best part of Maxie B’s is that they have about 30 or so cakes out at a time as well as cookies and cupcakes for your eyes to dance over and get lost in the sea of sweets. I can imagine, unless you came in daily, that it would be hard to leave without more than one slice. I certainly didn’t–I got to go home with three, including Pink Lemonade Cake, Lemon Layer Cake, and their most popular Strawberry Buttercream Cake (I love strawberries). Though I was certainly eying their Pumpkin Chocolate Chip and Carrot Cake! The other great thing about them is that they don’t close until 10 p.m. most nights and 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.


Adrienne Fletcher Weddings Blog | Maxie B's Cakes

Guess I know where I’ll be going for my after dinner snacks!

For more info on Maxie B’s check out their website or blog.